Contracts are as vital to a business as the Red Sox are to Boston.  A bad contract can stop your business – cold.  Knowing your rights and obligations under a contract, as well as knowing what to do in case of a breach, are essential for protecting your interests.

At Shoffner & Associates we draft and review contracts for clients in business and employment-related matters. Our lawyers will explain the terms and conditions involved in any contract you are considering and we’ll show you how it could affect your bargaining power and your business.  We’ll tell you how to seek damages in case of a breach.  Our skilled, knowledgeable, and responsive attorneys will help sort out the legalese of your agreements and make sure that your interests are protected.

We help our clients with every aspect of contracts: drafting, review, revision, and negotiation. We have decades of experience drafting and evaluating any type of contract that your business requires.

Contact a contract attorney at Shoffner & Associates. Our lawyers’ mastery of contract law will help keep your company running successfully.

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