Debt Management

Debt is a part of doing business.  Managing your business’ debt is an art.  At some point in its life cycle, almost every business experiences financial disputes or challenges, finds its payables in collection, is sued by creditors, or it accumulates judgments or liens.

The lawyers at Shoffner & Associates know how time consuming and expenses the traditional defenses to these problems can be.  They know how much damage can be done if the company’s position becomes known to their vendors, suppliers, creditors, bankers and competitors.  They know how to negotiate effectively and confidentially to get your business back on track.  Shoffner & Associates helps clients:

  • Manage business debt
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Settle creditor litigation

Our lawyers also know that sometimes bankruptcy is the best tool to reduce or wipe away crippling debt.  Bankruptcy is never a fun topic for discussion, but when your small business is failing, and your creditors won’t give you a moment’s peace, its critical to understand what bankruptcy is and how it works. Attorney Freya Allen Shoffner and her staff will help you determine what bankruptcy options are available, and whether one of them will help your business.  Freya has worked successfully with clients through Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 bankruptcies for over twenty years. 

Debt Management lawyer in Boston