Double the chocolate and add bacon.

I’m still looking into ways to increase productivity at work, and I found something interesting.  Apparently chocolate really is the answer.

Fast Company says that the polyphenols found in chocolate can relax you and improve your mood (duh!), which can make you more creative.  It appears that polyphenols are “a group of badass antioxidants” as well.  The Conversation says that happy people work harder, but I would say that happy people spend less time snarkily stewing in their own homebrewed vitriol.

The Washington Post looks at the issue from an employer’s point of view, that you can improve productivity by 12% by dosing your employees with chocolate, thus making them happier, and by extension less grumpy and spiteful.

Sharecare says much the same thing, but goes on to suggest that the darker the chocolate, the better – especially for diabetics (darker chocolate uses less sugar). They go on to say that there’s also a theory that chocolate can help you lose weight.

Everyone knows that negativity breeds negativity, and in an office environment that beetle-browed brooding is as contagious as the plague.  Luckily, the reverse is also true, and a positive attitude can actually lift the mood in the office.  I think it’s a bit of that “happy customer will tell three people, but an unhappy customer will tell three thousand people.

We’ve been conducting an experiment here at our office in that regard, and I have noticed that even if I feel that I’m lying and that everything does suck, the very act of creating a more positive environment by choosing happier words and topics, and slamming the door on negative words and feelings makes me feel better, more confident and able, whether I am on the giving or receiving end.

So, it seems that the recipe is correct.  Double the chocolate and add bacon (I’ll get to that in another blog suggestion, probably) and live a more positive and productive life.

Article by Sue Stein

Shoffner & Associates

Prudential Center

Boston MA


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