Online Payments

Family MeetingThank you for choosing our online bill payment option. By clicking the “Pay Now” button below, you agree to the following terms and conditions concerning your election to process your payment to Shoffner & Associates through FirstData.

You should submit a payment to Shoffner & Associates only if you have received an invoice from Shoffner & Associates for services rendered or to be rendered on your behalf. Any fee so tendered is not subject to refund unless required by the Rules of Professional Conduct. Do not submit any credit card information, financial account information,social security, or state identification number via email. FirstData does not share any information you enter on the FirstData site when tendering your payment, except for the amount paid and a FirstData transaction number. SHOFFNER & ASSOCIATES DOES NOT COLLECT ANY CREDIT CARD OR FINANCIAL ACCOUNT INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR PAYMENT THROUGH THIS SERVICE.

Your payment will be processed through the FirstData system and not directly by Shoffner & Associates. For information on how FirstData protects your privacy and private data, please visit the FirstData website.

You will be redirected to our secure processing provider FirstData.

If you have difficulty processing your payment, or if you have any other questions about your bill or your payment, please call Sue Stein at or at 617-369-0111.