Shoffner & Associates

Shoffner Associates

Shoffner Associates

Shoffner & Associates provides a wonderful thing for Boston. That is – excellent legal representation.

After ten years in business herself, Freya Shoffner gave up her search for a good lawyer for her small company and her family. She went to law school with the goal of building a law firm that could take care of a small business’ every legal need. She also wanted that firm to give not-for-profit entities the best representation possible.

Now Boston has a law firm that takes excellent care of its clients.

Like the businesses it represents, the firm is small — just a few very dedicated professionals,
With over a quarter century in business and legal experience.

They devote themselves totally to their clients and their needs.

The best time to find an attorney is before you need one. You’ve probably heard about us from a business a ssociate or a friend who thinks we can help. We probably can!

As soon as you meet Freya and her staff, you will be sure that you are their greatest concern.
Everything you say and need becomes immediately important to the firm.

The professionals at Shoffner & Associates know what it takes to get a business going.

They know that it takes even more to keep it going. They have owned and operated businesses themselves and have found out – sometimes the hard way – how to make the most of every opportunity. They also have extensive experience in strategic planning, litigation, real estate, tax planning, employment issues, succession planning, bankruptcy, and intellectual property.

People with family members in need trust us because most of our professionals know the law and how to make it work.

They rely on us because we solve their problems.