Small Business Showcase. Is 21 years old too early to start a business?

At the age of 21 Stephen Capano opened “CLOZ”, small size style, in 1991. A clothing store for ages 8-14.

Stephen was able to use computer programming and design skills to create a logo, branded clothing, proper signage, an inventory tracking program, and a customer database for direct mailings. This was important to increasing sales. Mailings grew to thousands of clients per month. Immaculate store cleanliness, organization and fun was a staple of the CLOZ shopping experience.

CLOZ became a hot spot for teens inside the Methuen Mall, now The Loop.

From Stephen Capano’s resume:

CLOZ, Methuen Mall, Methuen, MA – Store Owner and Operator – Retail Clothing
Coordinated concept, business plan, construction, marketing, purchasing, and every facet of store opening, and operation. It was an education that could not have been purchased anywhere. See link below to see what Stephen Capano is doing now to help business owners increase revenue!

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