9 Common Lawsuits Affecting Small Businesses.

Lawsuits are an unfortunate part of doing business. They are brought for a multitude of reasons. The more we know about them, the more likely we are to fend them off. Below are nine of the most common.

A breach of contract is when all or part of a contract is not performed. The failure in performing the terms of the contract can be the failure to deliver product, the failure to pay for product received, delivering faulty product or the wrong product, disclosing proprietary information, etc.

Slip-and-fall accidents are the cause of many lawsuits. They can occur when an employee, customer, or supplier falls and injures themselves on the business’s property whether on ice, a wet floor, or trips over something.

Premises liability business lawsuits are based on serious injury or death that come about due to unsafe or defective conditions on the business property. This can be due to various reasons including lack of lighting, locks, security cameras, etc.

Vehicular accidents are the reason for lawsuits when your company car has been in an accident, particularly if it was being operated by one of your employees. This may be a case for commercial auto insurance and not litigation.

Discrimination against employees is a common reason for business lawsuits. Types of discrimination include age, race, disability, gender identity, sex, pregnancy, and religion.

Discrimination against customers is also prohibited by law for the same protected categories as written above.

Harassment is not allowed. Harassment covers bullying, sexual harassment to include inappropriate jokes and pursuing an employee, psychological aggravation, and physical attacks. There have been many cases of harassment cases in the news in recent times.

Employee injury or sickness can result in business lawsuits. Cases brought due to injury or sickness related to work is typically covered by workers’ compensation. It is essential to have proper workers’ compensation coverage to protect your business.

Intellectual property rights pertain to songs, photos, logos, etc. Using these, owned by others, can lead to an infringement suit against your business. Using these without permission can constitute stealing.

Many small business lawsuits are preventable. Take preventative steps to protect your business from suits, there is a lot you can do. Know your vulnerabilities and take action to include proper insurance coverage. If a lawsuit is brought against your business, contact your lawyer right away. If you have any questions or concerns seek advice from Shoffner & Associates, small business specialists.

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