At Will Employment- What Does It Mean for Your Employees and Business?

Employees can quit any time without notice. 

You can fire an employee(s) any time without notice. 

Answer: They are both correct! However, there are exceptions.

Almost all employees in the United States are hired on an At-Will basis. At Will Employment means an employee/employer relationship can be cancelled by either party with or without notice within legal and non-discriminatory reasoning. For Business owners At-Will Employment can be seen as beneficial because you have the flexibility to make adjustments that can be valuable to further run your business. The employee advantages are being able to collect unemployment or starting another job. Regardless of how advantageous it can be, both parties should make their decisions within the law and fairly. If either party where to unlawfully break a contract or be fired/quite due to a prejudice, then it can result in legal action. At-will employment is a two-way street. There are both advantages and disadvantages to both the employer and employee. Familiarize yourself with employment law and follow best practices. Make it work well for you and your employees.

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