Black History Month: Black Business Owners Spotlight

February marks the start of the nationally celebrated ‘Black History Month’ and although this month is for recognition of African American’s talent, achievements, and so much more. We should celebrate and highlight black success all year round, which is why this blog is dedicated to the black business owners we support and have supported us.

BlackGirlsNutrition – The founder Ms. Katia Powell-Laurent and her business is one for major recognition. Black Girls Nutrition is a black owned business which aims in educating and empowering women of color to lose weight and be their best self-whilst being healthy. What separates this business from the rest is that they encourage women of color to partake in healthy eating with the inconclusion of cultural dishes and sharing their journey along the way.

Jayce LLC – Jayce LLC or better known as Jayce Makeup is a business ran by Ms. Janell Akoi which specializes in makeup. The focus of Jayce LLC is to empower people through quality products and provide confidence to anyone know matter their experience with beauty products. The awareness of how overwhelming it can be to achieve a desired look or technique is personable and real. At Jayce beauty is made to be simple and confidence everlasting.

These two businesses who are driven by black entrepreneurs are inspiring and deserving of spotlight. The black community’s growth for empowerment and excellence is never ending and they are living proof and making history as they achieve to greater heights with the goals of their businesses.

For more information on the businesses and owners mentioned, please visit the links below!

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✊🏽Decolonizing Your Food with Black Nutritionists 🫶🏽 (@blackgirlsnutrition) • Instagram photos and videos

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