Black History Month: Continue to Support and Learn.

February is dedicated to shining light on the Black Communities past, present and future accomplishments, triumphs, and more. As Black history month ends, we should continue recognizing what this month means and how we can still show support. So how exactly is someone able to do that?
One easy and effective way is to shop small, meaning supporting the small businesses who are a part of your communities. In addition, by respecting your fellow POCs boundaries and privacy as their co-worker/friend/boss. A lot of the times in the workplace or friendships with people of different backgrounds it can be difficult to know whether you’re disrespecting or overstepping someone else’s boundaries and privacy, so simply being considerate to those around you can go a long way. Also, attending Black Museums or sitting in on Black Historians talks is another way to continue learning and showing your support.

Overall, there are many ways to continue supporting after February. Whether it be black history, or any history we should learn from and celebrate all backgrounds.

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