Building a Great Small Business Team

Building a strong team for your business is essential but not easy. You likely started your business with passion and caring a lot about your customers. Creating a team with your same priorities is challenging. The best way to learn how to build a solid team is through experience. Until experience can be your teacher there are techniques you can use to help you build a winning team.

Know your needs! This may seem obvious but isn’t always taken enough into account. Carefully evaluate your current employees and other resources and identify weak spots and gaps in your team. Determine what you can get with your available resources.

It is easier to teach skills than culture. Don’t hire based on qualifications alone. Build your team with people who evoke, support, and further develop your company’s culture and personality. Make sure that your employees support the environment and pace of your company. Teams that get along well are happier and as a result do better work.

Give feedback to the people in your organization. It is vital to show employees that you notice and appreciate their work. Even negative feedback is important given in a constructive manner. This communication is important to employees’ interest and motivation and can help build a strong relationship of trust. Friendly competition can also be a strong motivator. This can be done through contests and other challenges. Periodically reward your employees when they exceed your expectations.

Set up your employees for success. Their success is your success. Each employee should have specific goals and know how they are contributing to the company’s overall goals. People want to contribute to something larger than themselves. You need to convey a clear vision with clear expectations. Provide clear guidelines and necessary resources. Communicate successes and company news to the whole team so they feel part of the team and are committed to its success.

There are many components to building a strong team. Hiring the right people is only the beginning.

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