Grow Your Business Through Digital Marketing.

Covid-19 and its tremendous impact has meant that having an up-to-date online presence and digitally interacting with your customers is more important than ever. There is a lot you can do. Our new normal means that a virtual component to your small business’s marketing strategy is essential. It is cost-effective and immediate and can make all the difference to your business.

In response to the pandemic many businesses have made changes to their products and services. It is imperative that you communicate these changes to your customers. Regularly inform your customers how to reach you. Make sure your website and landing pages inform your existing and potential customers of your current operations. Relevant updates need to be posted on Google My Business and social media platforms. Email changes to your customers. Remember your customers will obtain information through different platforms.

Ask your customers what they want and need and respond accordingly. Their needs are likely to have shifted during the pandemic. Be certain you are delivering value for today’s needs. Most businesses should concentrate on short-term customer needs. Be able to meet your clients’ needs remotely whenever possible. Advertise with retargeting campaigns to continue reaching out to those who have interacted with your business online. Reach your target audience and new clients through paid search marketing and social media advertising.

More and more communities want to support their local small businesses. If your business, such as a restaurant or hair salon, relies on the surrounding community, local marketing and engagement is imperative. Your website needs to be optimized with local search engine optimization. Provide community updates on your website and social media platforms. Thank your customers on the various platforms and let them know how they can continue to support your business. Promote partner businesses, cross-marketing is good.

Through digital communication inform your followers how your small business stands out. Through blogging and social media share educational tips on your products and services. Inform and connect through videos or a live stream. Tell how and why your products, services, or employees stand out. If possible, offer your products or services online. Make it clear why your customers should continue to support you. Make it personal, give your business a human voice.

The pandemic has been hard for so many in so many ways. Do what you can to be uplifting. Do this through the information and services you now provide and the donations of products or services you are able to make. Support your community through essential workers and by giving back. Through the various online channels post how you are supporting your community. This is uplifting, promotes goodwill, and helps grow a loyal customer base. People need good news. Run a giveaway contest to promote excitement and further goodwill.

Our digital world provides many venues for reaching our customers. Be in continual contact. Spread the word about the different facets of your small business and other relevant content. It is a valuable and cost-effective way to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Additionally, adjust products and services to reflect the times we are in. These approaches will serve you well now and in the future.

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