Is Your Business Ready for a Hurricane?

Hurricanes have been getting worse and the attendant damage has escalated. We need to prepare our homes and businesses before the next hurricane strikes. There are measures to take that apply specifically to your business. Your business as well as its physical structure needs to survive and recover as quickly as possible.


Is your insurance coverage adequate? Look at your hazard and flood insurance now. Remember, they are separate. If you don’t have flood insurance purchase it from the National Flood Insurance Program. Do this right away, flood insurance only becomes effective 30 days after your first premium is paid.

Keep your insurance policy information accessible both at work and off site. Keeping it in the cloud insures accessibility from anywhere. Make sure the information includes policy numbers and your insurance agents’ and the claims’ department contact information.


You need to have enough cash or credit to run your business for at least three months after the hurricane hits. If you don’t have sufficient cash obtain a line of credit.


Always keep your employees’ contact information updated and accessible. You will want to make sure your employees are safe and know what is happening with the business and its recovery.

Business Records

Is it irreplaceable? If so, move it offsite and as applicable to the cloud. This includes vital business records and items of significant personal importance.

Restoration Company

A good restoration company will help you clean up the physical damage left by the storm. This will allow you to concentrate on reopening your business. Look for a restoration company now, before the storm. Keep their contact information accessible.

Preparing your business for a storm and its aftermath can make the difference between your business surviving a storm or not.

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