Maximize the Value of Your Home

Spring is here and it is a good time to focus on your home. Your home is a significant asset. Part of estate planning is to maximize the value of your home whether it’s because you are going to downsize in the coming years or to take care of the estate that your heirs will inherit. Additionally, enjoy your home as much as possible while you are living there. There are many things you can do to boost your home’s value.

Make sure your home is well lit. Increase the natural light through sun tubes or skylights. Sun tubes or tubular skylights are significantly less expensive than traditional skylights and are very effective for letting in both sunlight and moonlight. Make sure your windows open and that there are no broken panes. Strong lighting makes small areas feel larger and soft lighting warms empty spaces. Good lighting significantly increases a home’s appeal.


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Take care of your home’s surroundings. Landscaping that has gotten out of control makes a home seem unkempt, can block views, darken a home, promote mold, and obscure the house. A small investment in landscaping can bring a big return in home value.

Buyers are looking for open floor plans with big spaces. Think about removing a non-structural wall or a kitchen island. You can transform the feel of the house with these modest changes.

The well-maintained houses in pristine condition are the first to sell and at the highest prices. Taking care of the basics can go a long way. Repair plumbing leaks, inspect the furnace and septic system, repair or replace drafty windows, install storm doors, insulate the attic, repair corroded pipes, and replace rusty rain gutters. Make sure your floors are in good condition. Add nails to eliminate squeaks, repair broken tile, patch damaged floor boards, and refinish worn wood floors. Touch up chipped paint and if an area needs to be repainted choose a neutral color.

Your home’s entrance is very important. People like an overhang above the front door to provide shelter from rain. Make sure your doorbell works. Decks are desirable on the side or back of the house. It can dress up and expand the living space. They are a very good return on investment. Select material that will stay nice looking and in good shape.

Freshening kitchens and bathrooms can add value to your home. While these upgrades can be expensive, they don’t have to be. Update doorknobs and cabinet pulls, replace faucets, replace frosted glass for clear glass, clean grout, remove rust stains, apply fresh caulk, and install a low flush toilet.

Are you not sure how to make the most of your home? Get input from a trusted real estate professional now. He or she can help you identify what you can do to enhance your home. The realtor can help you prioritize the projects and inform you of changes in the real estate market. Enjoy your home as much as you can and protect this valuable asset.