Shop Small 

Shop Small

Small businesses are part of the very fabric of our neighborhoods and communities. Book stores, cafes, boutiques, jewelry stores, restaurants, bars, markets, gift shops, and bike stores lend vibrancy and conviviality to the community and provide important jobs. Small businesses generate the majority of new jobs in the U.S. Without these small businesses, streets would be empty and depressing. Small businesses are so important that we just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Small Business Saturday, a nationally recognized holiday. We need to support local brick-and-mortar businesses on their holiday and every day. This is particularly important this year. Support them in person or online. The advantages are many. 

Supporting your local business is also supporting your town, city, and neighborhood. Your local businesses pay sales tax to the city and county where they are located. That tax money is used to fund public servants, schools, roads, sidewalks, and parks. Almost half of every purchase at independent businesses is recirculated locally which is more than three times that of chain stores.  

The more you shop locally the more people small businesses can hire, providing jobs in the community.  Remember, more than half of new jobs are created by small businesses.  

Small businesses are known for the customer service they provide. They are able to provide a more personable, hands-on, and memorable experience than large retailers are. 

You are able to have greater product diversity with small businesses. Small businesses are much more likely to special order products for you that they don’t have in stock or normally carry. 

Customers often get to know small business owners and their employees. This creates a sense of community which many people are looking for. 

The far-reaching advantages to shopping at small businesses includes feeling good. Doing good feels good. It is satisfying and gratifying. It works for the business, the community, and you! You can further support small businesses and therefore your community through social media posts and of course word of mouth advertising. 

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