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The mission is simple. Increase revenue. Google WebMaster, Web Developer, Director, Videos, Animations, more. We are a Design, Marketing, and Promotions Agency that learns your business to design content and media that will be remembered by YOUR audience to GET RESULTS.

Google Search Engine Optimization at its finest

1.We Create a NEW Blog Post or News Article for your website.
2.We Create a professional branded relevant video, graphic, or animation.
3.We Post a shortened version of the News on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin with links.
4.We Send a custom-branded email with new graphics and links.
5.We Get noticed on Google as relevant and YOU have better SEO results

Visit our portfolio and discover our proven techniques. Trusted since 2009… See link below.

Protect your home with our legal expertise.
Legal guidance for home sales, purchases, renovation contracts, contractors, and more.

Starting a NEW business or know someone that could use our help? Call your friendly neighborhood attorney today.

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Freya Allen Shoffner, Esq.
Shoffner & Associates
Counselors to Small Business and Families.

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