Small Business Showcase. JWI.charcuterie. Jasmine Irvin

JWI is more than just an acronym and more than just a business. It’s a testimony of love and a way to honor my late grandmothers. They both taught me so much and I see myself in both of them.

JACKSON – my maternal grandmothers last name, Sadie Jackson. She gave me class, sass and integrity. She always exposed us to the best.

WEBB- my paternal grandmother, Coretta Webb. She was a boss and a business woman, and she wasn’t afraid to reinvent herself, no matter the circumstance.

IRVIN – Jasmine Irvin. I hope that my last name can carry a legacy with a weight as great as theirs.

I’ll pour love into your vision, the way they poured love into me. I look forward to serving you all ❤️❤️

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