Tax Debt Can Impact Your Passport


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Can unpaid taxes keep you from your travel plans? Yes it can, if your travel is to a foreign country. Significant tax debt puts your passport at risk. If you owe $52,000 or more your passport can be revoked or your application for a passport can be denied.

The IRS notifies the State Department when you have a tax debt of $52,000 or more. The law then requires the State Department to revoke your passport or deny your passport application or renewal.

At the time of notification to the State Department the taxpayer is also notified by the IRS. This notification includes information on how the taxpayer can resolve the debt. It is important to act quickly, some resolutions can take a little while. The IRS will work with the taxpayer to resolve the debt. There are various payment options to include payment plans.

If you do have significant tax debt contact your accountant or attorney. This is an important matter that needs to be resolved.