What was the Small Business trend of 2022?

What was the Small Business trend of 2022?

A. Use of Social Platforms (TikTok, Facebook, etc.)
B. E- Commerce
C. Advanced Payment Choices (Apple pay, Afterpay, etc.)
D. Sustainability

Answer: All the above.

Change is never ending, and by keeping pace with fast-changing trends small businesses need to ensure their survival. When it comes to E-commerce, selling online isn’t new and the convenience from shopping from home or anywhere is a lot of consumers preferences. And whether you shop online or in-store having different forms of acceptable payments is beneficial for customers and businesses. Moreover, shopping isn’t the only the only way to check out a business. Social media has given small businesses the opportunity to gain exposure and connect fast and simply. Finally, with a new generation of people being more conscious, there’s been apush for change in how businesses do their part to help the environment. By far, small businesses have been recognized the most by consumers for doing so. 2022 has been great to small businesses, can 2023 prove to be even better?

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