Women’s History Month: Quiz

  1. Who was the first woman to co-anchor a news show?
    a. Marlene Sanders
    b. Barbara Walter
    c. Susan B. Anthony
  2. Simone Biles is the most decorated athlete in which of the following sports?
    a. Figure Skating
    b. Swimming
    c. Gymnastics
  3. Which disability and women’s rights activist were known for being the first deaf-blind person to write a book and earn a bachelor’s degree?
    a. Helen Keller
    b. Elizabeth Ware Packard
    c. Judith Heumann
  4. Which singer won the Grammy Award for Album of The Year most often (3 times)?
    a. Beyonce
    b. Taylor Swift
    c. Adele
  5. Which of the following women was the first female US Secretary of State?
    a. Madeline Albright
    b. Condolezza Right
    c. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Answer Key: B, C, A, B, A

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