A Bad Job or a Bad Boss

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Employees are critical to any organization. Make sure they feel that way. A bad or ineffective boss gives rise to employee dissatisfaction, poor performance, and attrition.

A poor boss can destroy a good staff by never being present, not offering guidance, not acknowledging contributions, or simply being incompetent. An employee can help to manage their boss and their shortfalls by asking their manager how to best communicate with them, what their priorities are, and what irks them.

Nearly half of American workers have changed jobs purely to get away from a poor boss. This equates to 75% of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs because of their boss and not the job itself.

If your company has a high rate of attrition, it’s time to evaluate one’s management. Regular paychecks don’t engender loyalty, nor do perks or team building exercises. Loyalty is earned.

Focus on how you treat your employees to increase loyalty:
Make it clear that you understand the need for a work/life balance

Frequent feedback regarding your employees’ efforts and accomplishments is important. It keeps your employees engaged and productive.
Make sure your employees know how they can grow and develop with their jobs.
Make available training and support for your employees. This shows your commitment and support.
Give your employees autonomy. Trust your employees and don’t micromanage.
Have frequent two-way communication with employees. Listening and acting on their input shows that you value and respect them and their contributions.
Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. – Richard Branson

It is people that make organizations successful. Treat your employees well. Respect and empathy go a long way. Give them your best and they will give you their best in return.

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